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Painter Ilya Repin (1844–1930) is above all known as a master of psychological portrayals of people and depictions of Russian folklife.
19.3 – 29.8.2021
Ateneum Art Museum, Kaivokatu 2, Helsinki
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19.3 – 29.8.2021


Ateneum Art Museum, Kaivokatu 2, Vironniemi, Helsinki
Ateneum Art Museum
Kaivokatu 2
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Englanti, Suomi, Ruotsi

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0 €, 15 €, 17 €


Ilya Repin, the most significant Russian artist of his time, depicted the Russian people, who had been freed from serfdom in the 1860s, as well as the intelligentsia of the era, and the relationship between the people and their rulers. The exhibition is realised in collaboration with the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the Petit Palais in Paris.

The Ateneum will be able to display Repin’s best-known paintings with masterful details, including Barge Haulers on the Volga (1870–1873) and Zaporozhian Cossacks Writing a Mocking Letter to the Turkish Sultan (1880–1891), both from the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. The exhibition’s many portraits feature members of the artist’s family, as well as cultural influencers of the time, such as the composer Modest Mussorgsky and the author Leo Tolstoy.

Ateneum Art Museum
19.3.2021-29.8.2021 (closed for now)

Kaivokatu 2, Vironniemi, Helsinki
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